Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Northern Senegal area

Sudan Golden Sparrows and Red-billed Quelea's at a drinking pool caused by a leaky water pipe.

Baobab tree at the Montagu's Harrier site.

A local villager/birdwatcher called Albert gave us invaluable help in visiting the harrier roost site. The pastoral area is huge and pretty much monotonous but was a privilege to visit.

The east wind from a week or so ago had caused the sky to fill with extremely fine dust and it can take some time to settle down or not. Sporadic bushes hold wintering Whitethroats, Wrynecks, Woodchats etc.

Female Montagu's Harrier. Harriers were literally hunting everywhere, probably the last place on earth you would want to be a grasshopper or locust.

Male Montagu's Harrier.

Adult male with a metal ring on left leg and a grasshopper in the right foot.

Juvenile female dark morph Montagu's Harrier

Adult female Montagu's Harriers

Female Montagu's Harrier mobbing a female Martial Eagle. Maybe one of the few predators the harriers face along with Jackal and Verreaux's Eagle Owl.

As the light began to fade the harriers increased.

As the light decreased you then realize that the Canon 7Dmk2 is utter shite above 1600 ISO. I tried it on 8000 and I came to the conclusion that Canon must have put it on there just for a laugh.  

Impossible to count the Montagu's and Marsh Harriers in their final moments before roosting but I would say there were perhaps between 500-700.

Woodchat and Wryneck

Northern Anteater Chat.

Albino type Sylvia warbler which after watching hopping about I guessed was probably a Whitethroat on shape.

Common Kestrel mobbing a juvenile Montagu's Harrier.

Temminck's Courser