Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Goshawks, March

A week spent watching Goshawks. Just not exactly sure what it is that keeps me wanting more and more of this avian Great White Shark. No matter how many times I see one and no matter how distant they might be, I always need more. Above, adult female going down into the forest.

Some of the photo's appear to have uploaded washed out or soft for some reason.

Adult female sitting in her favourite Larch about 430 metres away.

Adult female Gos and a Woodpigeon.

Adult male

He's watching an approaching female

Adult female displaying

Adult female

Adult female displaying

Adult female

Undertail coverts fluffed up

Adult female displaying

Adult male


Adult female displaying into bright light

Male Gos. I am sometimes amazed how long a Gos's tail appears sometimes. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Gambia and Senegal, Jan/Feb 2014

Southern Morocco


Southern Morocco approaching Western Sahara

Western Sahara

Road side wetland, Gambia

Spur-winged Plovers

Common Sandpiper

Egyptian Plover. Reminds me of a Greenland Wheatear from certain angles.

Purple Glossy Starlings

Spotted Honeyguide

Bronze-tailed Glossy Starling ( I think). Short, very purple tail and orangey eye.

Long Skimmer

Scarlet Dragonfly

Grey-headed Bush-Shrike

Green-backed Heron

Abyssinian Roller

Pink-backed Pelicans

Pied Kingfisher at Tendaba